AI Boom: Meta Revenue Soars, Mercedes-Benz Plans AI Cars, Apple Invests $1B Annually


AI Industry Sees Significant Changes and Exciting Use Cases

The AI industry is experiencing significant changes and showcasing exciting use cases. Meta, the social media giant, reported a revenue of $34.146 billion in Q3 2023, with a year-on-year increase of 23%, highlighting the importance of AI in their strategy. Mercedes-Benz plans to integrate a „super assistant“ powered by AI into every car by 2025, aiming to enhance convenience and safety. AI startups Credal and Datasaur are targeting the enterprise demand for security-optimized AI models. Chinese startup Zhipu aims to compete with Google’s Bard in generative AI. Co-Founder AI has launched a web application to support early-stage startups with AI-driven tools. KLA, a chipmaking equipment supplier, forecasts higher revenue due to the growing adoption of AI tools. Aprimo is leading the next generation of collaboration with groundbreaking AI-powered innovations in digital asset management. OpenAI has introduced a Preparedness Team to mitigate risks associated with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The European Trilogue Session on EU AI Act has made progress in addressing classification rules for high-risk AI systems. The impact of AI on various professions is discussed, emphasizing the need for professionals to adapt. Governments are urged not to rush into policing AI, but rather focus on studying the technology and encouraging cooperation. The UK plans to establish an AI safety institute and invest in AI research. Apple pledges to spend $1 billion annually to compete against AI rivals. Datasaur launches LLM Lab to help enterprises build custom ChatGPT-like applications.