AI Developments Transform Telecom, Audio, Patient ID; Chatbots Go Black Market


AI Collaboration between SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom to Enhance Telco Services

SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom have joined forces to develop a telco-specific AI language model. This collaboration, part of the Global Telco AI Alliance, aims to create a large language model tailored for the telecoms industry. The AI model will enhance problem-solving capabilities and improve customer service in the telecom sector. By leveraging AI technology, the collaboration aims to empower enterprises in various industries with advanced AI solutions. Read more

Lovo AI’s Voice Generator Revolutionizes Audio Content Creation

Lovo AI’s voice generator, powered by AI, is transforming the creation and consumption of audio content. This advanced TTS technology can generate human-like speech for various applications, including video creation, audiobooks, podcasts, and customer service. Lovo AI’s voice generator stands out due to its naturalness, expressiveness, and customization options. It has already been utilized by companies for product demos, voiceovers, and customer service IVRs. The future potential of Lovo AI’s voice generator extends to educational games, virtual assistants, and accessibility. Read more

Challenges and Advancements in Generative AI by Big Tech Companies

Big Tech companies, including Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft, are making significant advancements in generative AI. However, these advancements come with ethical, legal, and economic hurdles. Concerns have been raised about fixed-price schemes for AI offerings and the protection of intellectual property rights. Despite these challenges, Big Tech continues to integrate generative AI into various products and services. Google has integrated genAI with its virtual assistant and search engine, while Microsoft has invested in OpenAI and launched Copilot. Responsible growth and caution are crucial to navigate the evolving genAI landscape. Read more

AI Assisted Patient Identification in Roche’s Lung Cancer Trial

Roche, a Swiss drugmaker, is utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to identify lung cancer patients who can benefit from their drug, Alecensa. The challenge lies in identifying patients with a specific gene mutation found in a small percentage of lung cancer patients. Roche is collaborating with Medial EarlySign Ltd., an Israeli tech company, to develop an AI tool called LungFlag. This tool will assist doctors in determining when to use CT scans and potentially expand its capabilities to detect patients with the specific gene mutation. The use of AI in this context showcases the potential for technology to improve patient identification and treatment in the field of oncology. Read more

Strategic Centers for VR and AI Business Success

Strategic centers play a crucial role in the success of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) businesses. Silicon Valley, Beijing, and Bangalore are recognized as prominent hubs for VR and AI innovation. These centers provide access to essential markets and foster cooperation and innovation. Additionally, AZUR, a hi-tech ecosystem in the Americas, and tax advantages contribute to the growth of VR and AI industries. Collaboration with strategic centers is essential for businesses aiming to drive innovation in this rapidly evolving sector. Read more

AI-Powered Laptop Revolutionizes the Industry

Microsoft has introduced the Surface Laptop Go 3, an artificial intelligence-powered laptop that revolutionizes the industry. This laptop features Microsoft Copilot, an AI assistant in Windows 11, and incorporates AI technology in applications such as video editing and photo editing. With its lightweight design and advanced features, the Surface Laptop Go 3 offers a seamless user experience. Read more

Collaboration to Develop Thai Language-Based LLM Service

KT Corp. and Jasmine Group have partnered to develop a Thai language-based LLM service for the Southeast Asian market. This collaboration aims to tap into the growing generative AI market in Southeast Asia. KT Corp. will contribute its technology from its upcoming AI service, Mi:dm, while Jasmine Group will analyze the regional market and build a GPU farm for computational power. The partnership combines technological expertise with market insights to create an effective language model for the region. Read more

Interest in Hyperscale AI Technology in Southeast Asia

KT Corp., South Korea’s No.2 mobile carrier, has partnered with Thailand’s Jasmine Group to export its hyperscale artificial intelligence service to Thailand. This collaboration aims to create a large language model (LLM) for the Thai language based on KT’s AI service, MI:DEUM. The cooperation is expected to increase demand for KT’s hyperscale AI technology in the region. This highlights the growing interest in AI technology and its applications in different markets. Read more

The Rise of Black Market AI Chatbots

An underground world of black market AI chatbots has emerged, posing new challenges in the fight against cybercrime. These chatbots, created using large language models (LLMs), are designed for illicit conversations, learning illegal activities, and fueling cybercriminal enterprises. The black market for AI extends beyond text generators and includes images, audio, and video. Policing these black market AIs presents significant risks and challenges. Read more

No-Code Inspection Tool for Calculated Columns

Researchers from UCSD and Microsoft have introduced ColDeco, a no-code inspection tool for calculated columns. This tool addresses the challenge of ensuring accuracy and trust in code generated by large language models (LLMs) for tabular data tasks. ColDeco allows users to decompose the generated solution into intermediate helper columns, making it easier to understand how the problem is solved step by step. It also provides a filtered table of summary rows to highlight interesting cases in the program. ColDeco empowers non-programmers to work with AI-generated code in spreadsheets, enhancing transparency and trust in the accuracy of the code. Read more

AI-Powered Dental Analysis Programs

DentalXrai Pro is a software program that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze dental radiograph X-ray images and provide diagnoses. It automatically detects pathologies and restorations such as caries, infections, crowns, implants, and root canal fillings. This AI software aims to revolutionize dental diagnostics, saving time for dentists and improving patient communication. Read more

Enhancing Teen Safety on Discord

Discord has introduced Teen Safety Assist, an initiative aimed at establishing safer online environments for young users. The new safety features include automatically blurring sensitive or inappropriate images, sending alerts to teenagers when they receive messages from new senders, and implementing a warning system for users who violate Discord’s rules. These steps reflect Discord’s commitment to creating a safer online environment for young users. Read more

AI-Assisted Patient Identification in Roche’s Lung Cancer Trial

Roche is using artificial intelligence (AI) to find lung cancer patients who can benefit from their lung cancer drug, Alecensa. The challenge lies in identifying patients with a specific gene mutation targeted by the drug. Roche is collaborating with Medial EarlySign Ltd. to develop an AI tool called LungFlag, which will assist doctors in determining when to use CT scans to detect tumors early. This innovation in AI has the potential to benefit more patients by identifying those at risk who may not fit the typical profile of lung cancer patients. Read more

Samsung Unveils Trailblazing Memory Technologies

Samsung has unveiled trailblazing memory technologies that are set to elevate AI, gaming, and data centers. These memory technologies include the HBM3E „Shinebolt“ with a high-speed of 9.8 Gbps per pin, the 7.5 Gbps LPDDR5X CAMM2 Memory, and the 32 Gbps GDDR7. These innovations are expected to significantly impact various tech domains and address the growing demands for high-speed, efficient memory solutions. Read more