AI News: OpenAI Unveils GPT-4 Turbo, Tachyum Cuts AI Costs, EU AI Regulation Stumbles


Here is a summary of the key AI news topics with links to the original articles:

Generative AI Models Make Major Advancements

OpenAI Unveils Upgraded GPT-4 Turbo Model

OpenAI has released GPT-4 Turbo, an upgraded version of its large language model with longer context length and improved performance. However, there is debate around how much „smarter“ the new model actually is compared to its predecessor GPT-4. [Full Article](

Tachyum Cuts Cost of Large Language Models by Up to 100x

Tachyum has developed a technique using its Prodigy chips to reduce the cost of large language models by up to 100 times without compromising accuracy. This breakthrough makes generative AI more accessible for mainstream use cases across industries. [Full Article](

AI Regulation Efforts Gain Momentum

EU Faces Challenges in AI Act Negotiations

The EU is facing difficulties in negotiations around its AI Act legislative proposal to regulate high-risk AI systems. A stalemate on issues like foundation models is disrupting progress. [Full Article](

New Anti-CSAM Measures Adopted in Europe

The EU Parliamentary Committee has adopted new measures requiring internet companies to assess and mitigate risks of their platforms being used to spread child sexual abuse material. [Full Article](

Advancements in AI Applications

DeepMind’s AI Model Outperforms Weather Forecasting Standard

Google DeepMind’s AI weather forecaster, GraphCast, has exceeded the performance of the ECMWF standard in predicting variables like temperature and humidity. This breakthrough could lead to faster and more customized weather forecasts. [Full Article](

Emotional Language Found to Improve AI Responses

A study has shown that adding emotional phrases to prompts for large language models improves performance metrics like truthfulness and responsibility by nearly 11%. Emotional language helps AI provide better and more nuanced responses. [Full Article](