AI Summit Discusses Safety, Innovation; Companies Leverage AI for Efficiency, Risk Management


Biggest Changes and Interesting Use Cases for AI

The global Artificial Intelligence summit aims to address the safety measures and risks associated with AI, establish international coordination, and develop best practices for AI development. The summit brings together world leaders, tech companies, and researchers to promote international consensus and regulation in the face of emerging AI technologies. Read more

Infiswift Technologies offers AI innovations to help manufacturing companies improve efficiency and productivity. Their AI algorithms process data from IoT devices for predictive maintenance, quality control, and process optimization. They also provide asset tracking solutions and help companies reduce time-to-market while improving product quality. Read more

The concern of excessive regulation hindering technological advancements and stifling innovation in the field of artificial intelligence is highlighted. A balanced approach that promotes innovation while addressing ethical and safety concerns is needed. Read more

Boston Dynamics‘ robot dog Spot can now serve as a talking tour guide, using a scripted AI system for tailored interactions. This showcases the power of AI in creating lifelike conversations. Read more

Linq, an AI startup, has won the Samsung Open Collaboration with its AI-powered underwriting solution. The solution utilizes AI risk models and a vector database management platform for large language models (LLMs) to evaluate the risk associated with insuring potential clients. Linq’s solution stands out for its ability to explain the reasons behind its results. Read more

Dr. Teh Choon Jin, the National Association of Educational Institutions secretary-general, calls for the regulation of AI technology development and deployment. Transparency, accountability, and privacy protection in the decision-making process of AI algorithms are emphasized. However, caution against overregulation is also highlighted to avoid hindering the adoption of AI by businesses. Read more

A group of pro-Russian hackers recently attacked various European government entities by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in a popular webmail server. It is recommended to update webmail servers to prevent further harm. Read more

Qualcomm has launched a new AI-capable PC processor designed by Nuvia. The processor, called Snapdragon X Elite, is claimed to be the most powerful and efficient processor for PCs capable of running AI applications. Read more

The G7 countries have agreed on a code of conduct for advanced AI systems to limit the risks and potential misuse of the technology. The code urges companies to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks throughout the AI lifecycle and promote safe and trustworthy AI worldwide. Read more

The Group of Seven (G7) countries will agree on a code of conduct for companies developing advanced AI systems. The voluntary code aims to promote safe and trustworthy AI worldwide, addressing the risks and challenges associated with the technology. Read more

Google has announced a $2 billion investment in the AI startup Anthropic, fueling competition with OpenAI. This investment signifies Google’s commitment to advancing AI technology and competing in the AI field. Read more

Gepard, a product information management (PIM) solution vendor, has introduced new AI features into its platform to automate time-consuming processes and improve data consistency. These AI-driven features enhance productivity, reduce errors, and improve the user experience in managing product data. Read more

Square has introduced generative AI tools that can automate menus and streamline business operations. These tools use artificial intelligence to create content and improve efficiency, potentially revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Read more

The Ministry of External Affairs is currently accepting applications for the position of consultant. There is only one vacant seat available for this position. Read more

Infosys has partnered with Smart Europe GmbH for a 5-year sustainable electric mobility project to enhance customer experience and engagement in the D2C business model for smart electric models. Read more