Biden’s AI Regulation Order Dominates; 28 Nations Sign Anti-risk Pact; New AI Innovations Unveiled


Biggest Changes and Interesting Use Cases for AI

1. With New Executive Order, President Biden Looks to Regulate AI – The Fashion Law

President Biden issued an executive order to regulate artificial intelligence (AI), aiming to address immediate and long-term harms of AI. The order covers areas such as safety and security standards, privacy protections, and international leadership. The impact of the order is expected to be more significant on the government’s use of AI rather than on businesses.

Source: The Fashion Law

2. Nations pledge to work together to contain ‚catastrophic‘ risks of artificial intelligence – PBS

Delegates from 28 nations, including the U.S. and China, have pledged to work together to contain the potentially „catastrophic“ risks posed by advances in artificial intelligence (AI). The agreement, called the Bletchley Declaration, lacks details and regulations but commits to further meetings and shared responsibility for AI risks.

Source: PBS

3. Responsible AI with the AI Garage’s Nitendra Rajput | Mastercard Newsroom

Nitendra Rajput, head of Mastercard’s AI Garage, discusses responsible AI and the acceleration of AI adoption through innovative partnerships. The importance of implementing guardrails to ensure responsible AI usage is highlighted in the podcast episode.

Source: Mastercard Newsroom

4. Artificial Intelligence: The regulatory race to ensure a democratic future | Lowy Institute

The article discusses the regulatory race among countries, including the UK, US, EU, and Australia, to ensure a democratic future for Artificial Intelligence (AI). International cooperation is crucial to ensure safety, mitigate risks, and support innovation.

Source: Lowy Institute

5. How are AI innovations from Alibaba Cloud leading Chinese tech?

Alibaba Cloud has revealed new AI innovations, including an advanced language model and industry-specific AI models for various sectors. These innovations aim to transform industries and enhance productivity and creativity through AI.

Source: Tech Wire Asia

6. White House orders HHS to start collecting reports on the safety of AI in healthcare

The White House has ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to create a safety program focused on harmful or unsafe healthcare practices involving artificial intelligence (AI). The order aims to ensure the safe and secure use of AI in healthcare.

Source: MedTech Dive

7. Kamala Harris seizes agenda as Rishi Sunak’s AI summit kicks off – POLITICO

Kamala Harris has taken the lead at Rishi Sunak’s AI summit, emphasizing the importance of addressing the full range of risks associated with artificial intelligence, including bias and discrimination.


8. Futuri Launches Futuri AudioAI Rebranded RadioGPT – Daily News & Headlines

Futuri has launched Futuri AudioAI, an end-to-end content system that combines automation system integration, AI voice, and large language model (LLM) technology. It aims to lead the way in AI innovation for media companies and content creators.

Source: Daily News & Headlines

9. Arturo launches new AI-powered insurance claims module – FinTech Global

Arturo has launched a new AI-powered insurance claims module that aims to streamline claims processes, prioritize effectively, and enhance customer interactions. This innovation has the potential to transform the insurance landscape.

Source: FinTech Global

10. 28 countries and EU sign pact against AI’s ‚catastrophic‘ risks – The Times of India

28 countries and the European Union have signed a pact to protect against the potential harm caused by artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration includes countries such as India, UK, US, and China.

Source: The Times of India

11. The Use Of Copyrighted Works As Training Material May Be In Vogue, But Is It Infringement?

A class-action lawsuit against OpenAI regarding the use of copyrighted books as training material for their AI model, ChatGPT, raises questions about copyright infringement. The outcome of the lawsuit could have implications for the fashion industry and the use of AI in training models.

Source: Above the Law

12. Artificial Intelligence Briefing: Sweeping EO “Establishes New Standards for AI Safety and Security”

President Biden’s executive order establishes new standards for AI safety and security, aiming to protect privacy, advance equity and civil rights, and promote innovation and competition. The EU AI Act is also in its final stages of discussion, focusing on regulating high-risk AI systems.

Source: JD Supra

13. A ‚world-first‘ AI agreement, Elon Musk and a King’s speech: The key takeaways from the UK AI summit

Representatives and companies from 28 countries signed a pact at the UK AI summit to tackle the risks of frontier AI models. Key speakers at the summit included Elon Musk and King Charles III. The UK government plans to host future AI safety summits.

Source: Euronews

14. Invisible watermarking for AI generated images integrated into Stable FineTuning – Geeky Gadgets

Stability AI has integrated invisible watermarking into Stable FineTuning, a technology that allows users to create 3D models from text prompts and enhance photographs. The addition of invisible watermarking ensures the authenticity and copyright protection of AI-generated content.

Source: Geeky Gadgets

15. New AI-Powered Tools Enhance User Experience on LinkedIn |

LinkedIn is introducing new AI-powered tools, developed in collaboration with OpenAI, to enhance user experience on its platform. These tools generate personalized digests, provide personalized article summaries, and assist in crafting and optimizing posts and responses.