Senate’s AI Act, New Executive Order, Tech Giants‘ AI Proposals Stir Up Industry


Biggest Changes and Interesting Use Cases for AI

The AI industry has seen several significant changes and interesting use cases in the past 24 hours. Here are some highlights:

1. U.S. Senate introduces bipartisan legislation to improve AI testing and evaluation systems: The Testing and Evaluation Systems for Trusted Artificial Intelligence (TEST AI) Act aims to enhance the federal government’s capacity to test and evaluate AI systems, ensuring responsible use and safeguarding against risks. This legislation aligns with the recent White House Executive Order on AI and emphasizes the role of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in overseeing trusted AI systems. Read more

2. The U.S. unveils an ambitious executive order on AI regulation: The executive order aims to address harms associated with AI, such as deepfakes, job losses, and potential existential threats. It covers areas like safety standards, privacy protections, equity, and international leadership. However, it does not directly address issues like killer AI robots or AI-powered election manipulation. The impact of the order is expected to be more significant on the government’s use of AI rather than on businesses. Read more

3. Apple and Microsoft face pioneering AI proposals: Shareholder resolutions have been filed at Apple and Microsoft, marking the debut of AI in these tech giants‘ proxy season. The proposals highlight the growing interest in AI and its impact on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Read more

4. Supercharging large language models: Researchers present DEJAVU, a system that accelerates large language model (LLM) inference without compromising quality. DEJAVU outperforms the state-of-the-art library FasterTransformer by over 2×, making LLMs more accessible to the wider AI community. Read more

5. AI to provide a quantum leap in BC small-business efficiency: The adoption of AI is crucial for businesses to stay ahead, and the government of British Columbia is exploring ways to support businesses in integrating AI into their operations. Companies like Microsoft, Google, and Meta Platforms are offering AI services and technologies, while B.C. credit unions are using AI to streamline the loan application process for small businesses. Read more

These developments highlight the growing importance of AI regulation, the acceleration of AI technology, and the increasing adoption of AI in various industries.